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Hi, I’m Christabel and I like telling stories.

Everything has a narrative; life is a series of moments and those moments have their own story to tell.

I enjoy writing, movies, poetry, philophising and finding expression in all things.

I graduated from University College London with a BA in English Literature and an MA in Film Studies. In 2011 I directed a short documentary, which screened at the BFI and the East London Film Festival. I’ve proudly been Head of Film for The Book; a printed London-centric magazine and editor-in-chief for The Spread; the official magazine for Cinema Jam.

Currently working on a novel and have a few projects in the pipeline. This website is my platform to share all the exciting things going on in my life, work and play.

In 2015 two of my poems Apotheosis and Spelling It Out were published, For the Distance in 2016, and once upon a time I was featured on Coach Trip (Channel 4).

I post most of my poetry on Instagram and my updates on Twitter.

If you want to get in touch, use the contact form or email me at christabel@christabelsamuel.com

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