Lust in Translation to be screened at the East End Film Festival!

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Happy news! It has just been announced that my short doc Lust in Translation was shortlisted and selected to be screened at The East End Film Festival in July 2012. 

As part of the Cine-East event called “Hello my name is”, all the films shown are character driven pieces or display aspects of human nature or character within them. The plan I’ve been told is to have some of the films (including mine) playing continuously on televisions around the venue, with short screenings of roughly 15 minutes at a time scheduled in for the rest of the films on a big screen. The televisions are to be set out on dining tables, and so the idea is that the guests are being invited to sit down and ‘meet’ the characters in the films.


1st July, 1pm – 6pm @ the Brickhouse, on Brick Lane.

FREE and open to the public.

They’ll also things like a place where people can make masks and invent their own characters, plus there’s a bar and generally the idea is to make it a bit of a lively social atmosphere.

So please come down. Hayley Quinn from the documentary will be in attendance for part of the day and it will be a great event to see.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported me thus far.

– Christabel

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