[Film Review] The Tattooist

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The Tattooist is director Michael Wong’s latest film. With a duration of 1 minute 20 seconds this micro short is as slickly filmed as Wong’s The Story of 90 Coins.

Having won a number of accolades around the horror film circuit including Canada’s Bloody Horror International Film Festival, Horrorhaus Film Festival in LA and Canada’s Terror in the Bay Film Festival, The Tattooist will make you think twice before stepping into a tattoo parlour.

The film’s jazzy soundtrack is a twisted counterpoint to its visuals. Beginning with a seemingly run-of-the-mill session in the studio, the narrative cuts violently to a series of horrific scenes with just enough suggestive horror and splatters of gore to imply the nightmare the tattooist’s victims endure. There’s even an iron maiden.

All in all The Tattooist continues Wong’s signature polished style whilst making the most of its short running time; proving that a tattoo is more than just skin deep…

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