Judas Ghost [Review]

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Judas Ghost (dir. Simon Pearce) revisits the roots of supernatural horror. The film follows a group of hunters on a mission, being filmed for a training video.

Of course the routine investigation proves to be more challenging than expected and the gang find themselves in over their heads amidst an onslaught of spookiness.

Cue shrill shrieks and buckets of blood.

Led by Jerry (Martin Delaney), the ghost hunters are more Batman than Scooby-Doo with their arsenal of high-tech gizmos. However as the evil grows, they are forced to resort to traditional occult methods to fight the danger.

The narrative is stripped back allowing the audience to pick up fragments of information through exposition. Unsurprisingly this very rhetorical mode may be attributed to the film’s writer; Simon R. Green who also penned the original Ghost Finder novels from which Judas Ghost is based.

The film is also economical with its space. In fact the action takes place within the four walls of a village hall.

Yes, this may have something to do with the low budget but this is where Simon Pearce flexes his directorial muscle. For instance the camera style evolved as the action unfolded – a conscious choice Simon reveals to me in our interview. Credit to Simon and his team for the effort and creative thought that went into utilising and deriving a sense of the plot from a very limited space.


So just how scary was the film? It combined SFX and real effects to create an atmosphere which I would describe more as creepy and unsettling rather than wetting-my-pants-frightening. Don’t get me wrong, there were moments in which I could have still lightly soiled myself.

However Judas Ghost (within its budget) pitched itself nicely on the fear scale.

All in all, the movie has a lot of merit and the performance by its cast is strong. This is Simon’s second feature film and I’m sure he will continue from strength to strength.

Check out my interview with Simon to hear more about Judas Ghost and his upcoming projects.

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